90% of Web Traffic is Wasted

A staggering 90% of web visitors never convert, we find those leads and use AI to write hyper personalized email.

Maximize Reply Rate

AI-Personalized Outreach

Cold emailing is a numbers game in sales, where improving conversion rates is key to business health. With GPT-4, we create individually personalized, engaging emails that enhance your conversion rates, ensuring you stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Accurate Company Identification
Leverage our advanced technology for precise company detection via location and IP. Convert your anonymous site visitors into potential leads.
Streamlined Lead Sourcing
Streamline your prospecting. Receive qualified leads with valid contacts and your desired job titles.
AI-Powered Personalization
Set your pitches apart with personalization. Utilize our AI's grasp of your company's distinct features to craft compelling, resonant messages.

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Priced For Immediate ROI

We use your existing website traffic to generate leads. No need to spend more on pricey ads or SEO. We de-anonimize your web traffic and provide direct contact information to these visitors.



Qualified Bounced Traffic


Lost Opportunities


Lost Revenue

Startup Plan

5,000 visitors


  • Unlimited Company Detection
  • Accept  20  Leads per Month
  • ChatGPT Copywriting AI

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Growth Plan

10,000 visitors

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  • Unlimited Company Detection
  • Accept  100  Leads per Month
  • ChatGPT Copywriting AI

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Scale Plan

20,000 visitors


  • Unlimited Company Detection
  • Accept  500  Leads per Month
  • ChatGPT Copywriting AI

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Frequently asked questions

How does your service identify anonymous website visitors?

Our technology uses a combination of IP intelligence and proprietary algorithms to identify companies associated with web traffic. While we can't identify individual visitors, we can determine the companies they work for and provide you with qualified leads from those businesses.

What data points do you provide for each lead?

We provide over 50 data points for each lead, including but not limited to: company name, industry, size, location, website, social profiles, and key decision-makers’ verified email addresses and phone numbers.

How does the AI write hyper-personalized emails?

Our AI agent is trained on the specifics of your product or service. Using the enriched data from each lead, it can craft highly personalized emails that resonate with the recipient's needs and interests. This includes referencing their company, industry, role, and potential use-cases for your product.

What is required for setup?

Setup is simple and requires only installing a JavaScript snippet onto your website. Once installed, our system will begin identifying leads from your website traffic and delivering personalized email drafts for you to send.

How are the leads delivered to us?

Leads are delivered to you through our platform. You'll receive notifications when new leads are available, and you can access the lead details and personalized email drafts at any time.

What if we exceed the traffic limit in our plan?

If you exceed your plan's traffic limit, you will still continue to receive service. However, we will notify you that you have surpassed your limit and recommend upgrading to the next plan to ensure optimal performance.

How secure is your service?

We prioritize the security of your data and that of your visitors. All data is encrypted and stored in secure, certified data centers. We are fully GDPR compliant and committed to ensuring the highest level of data privacy.